Davina McCall


“Let's start a contraception revolution!”

Gossip - 09 June

Davina McCall's Pill Revolution

There's a contraception revolution going on. The pill's in decline and natural More

Gossip - 16 May

Book of the year!

Praised as a “taboo-busting” book by the judges, Menopausing has been awarded More

“"To be spreading the Menopausing message even further is amazing..."”

Shop - 15 November

Menopausing in the US

The Number 1 Sunday Times Hardback Non Fiction bestseller is now available More

“This is the book about menopause that I wanted to read”

Gossip - 14 September

Menopausing is out now!!

Menopausing is more than just a book that I'm writing … it’s More

“Yesssssssss!!! Literally cannot WAIT for this!”

Gossip - The Masked Singer & The Masked Dancer - 03 September

The Masked Dancer

The Masked Dancer is back as our celebrity cast attempt to baffle, More

“I don’t think I’ve ever worked on a project that has affected me so deeply”

Gossip - Menopause documentaries - 02 May

Davina's Menopause documentaries on All4

Davina teams up with Channel 4 to challenge our reluctance to talk More

“We are going to tell you the truth, so you can make an informed decision about your life and your body.”

Shop - 18 July


This is the book about menopause that I wanted to read. It’s More

“This series is groundbreaking.. giving people answers when they honestly believed there was no hope”

Gossip - Long Lost Family - 24 May

Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace

The BAFTA-nominated programme returns for a third series, as Davina and Nicky More

Telly - 12 May

Menopause documentaries

Davina was 44 and felt like she was losing it - hot More

Gossip - The Masked Singer & The Masked Dancer - 21 December

The Masked Singer is back!

The biggest new entertainment show of 2020 is set to return and with More