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Book of the year!

Praised as a “taboo-busting” book by the judges, Menopausing has been awarded Non-fiction: Lifestyle & Illustrated AND Overall Book of the Year!

“There is such a need for this book and the conversations it has started”, agreed the judges. Menopausing stands at the “vanguard” of a movement campaigning to break taboos around women’s health by talking about menopause “in a really positive way”.

An emotional Davina posted on social media after an overwhelming night accepting the awards with Dr Naomi Potter and the publishing team at HQ.

"What a night !!!!" She wrote. "Such an honour to have an invite to The British Book Awards .. then to be nominated … and then actually win two awards , and one of them be actual ‘book of the year’

"I’ve only just pulled myself together enough to type...Naomi and I feel it’s our mission to get the message out so you can all make informed decisions about you menopause journey and your bodies.

"To help you not feel alone or invisible.. and give you hope and the future x #secondspring woop woop!!!"

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