The Davina Hour on W

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Davina comes to W for the very first time in a brand-new show that explores modern-day life, leading the following thought-provoking explorations of a different contemporary issue each week:

The Pursuit of Perfection
- is our obsession with body image and perfection ruining our lives?

Mental Health - why don't we take mental health as seriously as physical health? Friendship - now that it's possible to have hundreds of online friends, does real life friendship still matter?

Parenting - by trying to be perfect parents, are we letting ourselves and our kids down?

Happiness - can you make yourself happy? Or are you happier than you realise?

Moving On - when life goes off the rails, how do we get back on track?

Stress - Davina invites guests to discuss what we mean when we say "I'm so stressed".

Technology Addiction - should we be taking our addiction to technology as seriously as drugs?