Sugar-Free Challengers: Hannah's story

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Meet the Sugar-Free Challengers. These brave four women and one man are all taking on the 5 Weeks to Sugar-Free challenge, for various reasons... they all have amazing stories which I feel privileged to have heard. So, we had a chat and I set them off on their challenge with some tips and recipes.

Hannah is a Scottish ex-International rower, winning Gold at the home countries regatta in July 2013.

Now working as a Community Coach for school pupils with London Youth Rowing, her rowing training has taken a back seat.

‘As a result, my bingeing on sweet, sugary, delicious fatty foods isn't hidden as well as it used to be,’ admits Hannah. ‘I'm not burning the calories. But I'm now addicted to sugar…!’

‘Training around work/studying left little time for meal planning. I needed convenient calorie dense food, and sugar became my fuel. Cookies, donuts, flapjacks, caramel slices, and my favourite - empire biscuits- were my fuel before sessions, my reward for completing sessions and my comfort following bad sessions.’

‘And now my training has stopped, my bad eating habits have continued. I want to learn how to live without relying on sugar to get me through the day. I still use sugary treats as reward and comfort, and at 28 years old I need to adopt a more mature attitude towards my eating habits before my waistline expands any further.'

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