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- 20 September 2014 < Back to thisisme

Meet Ed!

Looking for a new challenge, and after 11 years collaborating with fitness gurus Jackie and Mark, Davina’s fitness journey was now in the hands of her personal trainer and friend Ed Lumsden.

Davina and Ed first joined forces for 5 Week Fit. The workout came with a complete 5 week diary planner to help you easily set fitness goals. As always, Ed was on hand to ensure that even the least confident of you were able to get stuck in!

Following the success of 5 Week Fit, Davina and Ed developed  7 Minute Fit. Ten seven minute workouts toned you up, got you fit and burned fat at your own pace.

30 Day Fat Burn is Davina & Ed’s latest programme. The new fitness offering was released towards the end of 2016 and included another ten brand new set of workouts. For the first time ever, a buddy workout option was included as part of the programme, which let everyone from your family and friends get involved in the fitness action together. Who doesn’t love to feel that fat burn?