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- 14 December 2016 < Back to thisisme

2016 Telly: Life at the Extreme & This Time Next Year

Always up for adventure, 2016 saw Davina take part in a brand-new four part series for ITV, undergoing ‘Life at the Extreme’.  This jaw-dropping series saw Davina travel to some of the hottest, coldest, deepest and wettest places on earth - discovering how some of the most extraordinary animals on the planet survive in the most hostile of environments.

Davina tested the limits of her own endurance, offering viewers an insight into just how extreme ‘extreme’ can be.

In another new series for ITV, This Time Next Year saw Davina meet people from across the UK pledging to make one drastic change in their lives. From loosing weight, finding a lost family member or even looking to start their own family, this TV first delivered transformations in an instant!