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This Time Next Year returns

The life-transforming programme returns!

Extraordinary people from around the UK share how they pledge to change in their lives by ‘This Time Next Year’. 

Over the course of 12 months they’ll aim to fulfil their dreams of losing weight, meeting an unknown family member, having children, or finally realising a lifelong personal ambition. 

Their transformations will appear instantaneous, using the programme’s ‘time travel’ style format. Once each pledge is made, the contributor will leave the studio ready to begin their challenge... but just moments later will reappear completely transformed one year later - hopefully revealing a brand new them. 

“Goal setting is a really good way of improving your self esteem," Davina says. "You set yourself little goals and achieve them, it’s such a good way to make you feel good about yourself. 

"Every time you achieve your goal you think, ‘I did that’. I do this all the time... I set out a goal for myself and tell people and I think it’s to shame myself into making it happen. 

"I’m in the middle of this year’s goal which is to become a qualified instructor - PT (personal trainer) and next year’s is to learn how to mix and get a gig in Ibiza! That’s quite a big one isn’t it? I’d be like one of those clubbing grannies!”

Watch the trailer for a glimpse at what's in store!