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Sugar-Free Challengers: Steve's story

Meet the Sugar-Free Challengers. These brave four women and one man are all taking on the 5 Weeks to Sugar-Free challenge, for various reasons... they all have amazing stories which I feel privileged to have heard. So, we had a chat and I set them off on their challenge with some tips and recipes.

'Having seen my health deteriorate to a point where I am now diagnosed with diabetes it is definitely time that I woke up and smelt the sugar free coffee, and do something about it before it's too late,' admits Steve.

'My doctor put a lot of faith in me, she believed I could do this without medication and really to allow me to fight my sugar intake before the decision is made to place me on tablets for the rest of my life?'

'I believe that I have not been focused or mentally prepared enough to achieve the target and that I have let those around me down, but now that I am determined to fight.'

'See, the winning tactic is to have a structure around me - and what better than to go on a journey with others, and of course Davina, leading a healthy sugar free lifestyle, to support each other through all the ups and downs which lie ahead and give strength to one another.'

'I so want to be healthier so that I can watch my child grow up and be able to do what all great fathers do, be active in their child's life for a very long time - and not just watch from the sidelines.'

Meet the rest of the Challengers.

“It is definitely time that I woke up and smelt the sugar free coffee!”