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Long Lost Family returns to ITV

In the last year over four thousand people from across the UK have contacted the Long Lost Family team asking for help to find missing family members.

In this brand new seven-part series, Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell return and with the help of trained intermediaries, DNA experts and investigators from all over the world, they find people that previously couldn’t be traced and answer questions that have haunted entire lives.

The series will feature more extraordinary stories with unexpected twists and turns, including the first time the team have taken on a search for someone in the public eye, as singer KT Tunstall searches for her birth father and uncovers many surprises along the way. It also features Long Lost Family’s oldest ever searcher at the age of 83, who is desperate to find her daughter before it’s too late. New searches will take the team to locations including Chicago, Brisbane, Belfast and Canada. And for the first time the series will feature a missing person story without a resolution, by making an emotional appeal. 
The series kicks off by dedicating a full episode to an incredible story that previously hit the headlines, following one woman’s search into her past which reveals layers of family that she never knew existed. 

Starts Monday 10th June on ITV.