Make My Body Better

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Davina helps people with severe and disabling health issues transform their lives. Starts August 22nd at 8pm on Channel 4.

It is all too easy to allow our health issues to stop us from living life to the full. Common conditions such as obesity, which afflicts millions, can really impact and impede so many aspects of day to day life. But why should we let them? 

Davina leads Make My Body Better, an original, exciting and inspirational new health show which takes extreme examples of some of Britain’s most troublesome health issues, challenging them head on. 

In each episode, Davina meets people whose lives have been blighted by their conditions. Along with her support and a team of leading experts, they embark on an inspirational journey of recovery and discovery. They set a seemingly impossible challenge, pushing them to their limits and helping them achieve feats they never thought possible, culminating in a spectacular and jaw-dropping episode finale.

Working with leading researchers, cutting edge doctors and best in field consultants, the series features intriguing group tests, which will look more closely at the impact of major health issues on the population and on society as a whole. The series will also provide key take-aways and myth-busting practical advice for viewers.

“I am delighted to be a part of this new and exciting series," says Davina. "Not only will it shine a light on common health issues, which are hindering the lives of so many Britons, but it will also take people on incredible, life-changing journeys to help them achieve what they thought would never be possible.