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A huge heartfelt thank you to Jackie and Mark


This is a note just to say a huge heartfelt thank you to Jackie and Mark for having such a huge impact on not just my life, but thousands of womens' and mens' lives…

I met them 11 years ago… via my local rag and the minute I met Jackie I knew we would get on.

Their no-nonsense, simple approach made me really enjoy working out, and had a huge positive impact on my body and how I feel about myself… We brought out a workout DVD because I knew we had something we should share and I have loved every minute of working with them.

This year Jackie had a health issue that has meant she just wants to simplify her life a bit so she has decided to step back from the DVDs and concentrate on her private clients.

I am going to carry on my fitness journey and have got lots of new and exciting things happening which I shall be sharing with you in due course!!!

Jackie and Mark totally get that if I'm going to continue making DVDs and do other fitness projects, then I want my trainer to be the person on the DVD…not just someone I meet two days before!

So, no more training with Jackie and Mark!!! ARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!

A new beginning! Different trainer…lots of amazing new stuff to show you…..

I shall introduce you to him very soon!

In the meantime…I just want to say…

Thank you Jackie and Mark….so much….you are so very good at your jobs… 

Big Big hugs


“Thank you Jackie and Mark… so much… Big Big hugs”