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Tissues at the ready for Long Lost Family

Make sure you have a hanky to hand as Davina and Nicky Campbell are back with a brand new series of the BAFTA award-winning Long Lost Family.

The tear-jerking series traces and reunites families who have been apart for most of their lives.

Across eight episodes, viewers are taken on an emotional rollercoaster, from the moment relatives reveal how they lost contact with a family member, to being told their loved one has been traced, to their eventual reunion.

Series four features mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers searching for loved ones who they are desperate to find. The programme travels as far as South Africa and Australia and with the help of Nicky and Davina, families are guided through the heart-rending reunion process.

“Long Lost Family is unlike anything else I've ever been involved in,” says Davina; “it's emotional, it's heart-warming and it's life changing for the people we reunite. It's such a huge honour to be a part of their stories and ultimately to help them find loved ones.”

In episode one 63 year old Ann Munro lives a happy life with her husband, Geoff in the small town of Ringwood, Hampshire, but she has never forgotten the trauma of events that took place over forty years ago.

At the age of 21 Ann gave up her first son for adoption and ever since, her life has been overshadowed by guilt and the longing to ask for his forgiveness.

Meanwhile 28 year old nurse Louise lives in Bradford, Yorkshire with her four year old son, Noah. A hard working and devoted mother, Louise is longing to share her life and family with the father she has never known.

With the help of the Long Lost Family team, will Ann and Louise finally find the family they’ve both been searching for?

Long Lost Family returns to ITV, Monday 14th July at 9pm.