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The Jump: It's no Child's play

The Only Way was Home for Amy, who proved that The Jump was no Childs' play. 

Last night the pair went head to head as they faced the jump live on Channel 4 after becoming the bottom two in the female results table.

First up on the K15, Amy gingerly prepared to jump as the crowd cheered. But in the end the nerves got the better of her and she refused, meaning that she leaves the competition after just one event.

That left pop star Sinitta only needing to complete her jump to get through to the next round. Choosing the K15, she psyched herself up, muttering to herself as the snow was falling on her leopard print jump suit.

As she took off Eddie the Eagle remarked that she was quite upright but she managed to land her 10 metre jump brilliantly and was beaming as Davina confirmed she was through.

Despite rigorous training in the skeleton event by Britain’s gold medal winning Olympic athlete Amy Williams, both Amy and Sinitta found themselves bottom of the event table.

In tears during training Sinitta confessed that she hated the event and would rather face the jump. She got her wish. Of the skeleton she said “It’s so fast you have no control and you are being thrown around. It is like being in a car crash”. Her run was described as a pendulum on ice as she careered down the track. Professional table tennis player Amy Childs thought she could be the next Amy Williams but sadly her performance left her in the bottom two.

Tenacious Anthea was technically proficient and joked that she might try and make the next winter Olympics. Built for this event petite Melinda confessed that she loved it and described her run as “quite a ride”. Kimberly’s tactic was to “think like a bullet” and hoped her dance background, strong core and body control would be to her advantage. In the end she said confessed she “pushed her bum in the air and just went for it”. New mum and self confessed control freak Laura Hamilton had a slow start screaming and bumping her way down the icy track.

The results table:

1. Kimberly – 44.180 seconds

2. Melinda – 44.604 seconds

3. Laura – 45. 369 seconds

4. Anthea 45.413 seconds

5. Amy - 45.705 seconds

6. Sinitta – 45.951 seconds

On Wednesday night’s show it’s the turn of the men in the skeleton event. 

But which of the remaining men will face The Jump?

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