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On the box: Davina Beyond Breaking Point

Documenting one of the most punishing charity challenges in Sport Relief history, Davina – Beyond Breaking Point, looks back on the seven day challenge that TV presenter Davina undertook for Sport Relief 2014.

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Providing the inside story and exclusive behind-the-scenes access, the programme follows Davina and her support team as she battles against some of the most severe weather Britain has seen in decades to run, swim and cycle over 450 miles from Edinburgh to London, in what was a truly extraordinary event.

The programme takes in all the highs and lows of an outstanding challenge that saw Davina tackle a punishing 130 mile cycle through 50-mile-an-hour gusts and sleet on day one alone. She then traversed the colossal Scafell Pike on foot wading through snow, swam across Lake Windemere, ran across the Peak District, cycled from Birmingham to Windsor and finished the challenge running a full marathon into London.

The programme tells the inside story of the dramatic third day when the challenge became news when Davina swam Lake Windermere and – having just succeeded - was carried ashore. The documentary follows the preparation and build-up for the day with Davina’s medical and training team and the care that put Davina back on her feet and cycling 60 miles just one hour later.

The programme sees Davina fight against extreme fatigue and fearsome weather, culminating in an emotional and overwhelming reunion with her family and friends as she completes her epic challenge at the Millennium Bridge at Tate Modern in London.

She did it all to raise money for Sport Relief 2014 and her epic challenge was inspired by a recent trip to Kenya. The programme follows Davina to Kenya to meet Anne – a young girl who works on a quarry, breaking rocks for hardcore with her family. Davina went back to discover that even though she lives in adverse poverty, Anne dreams of one day becoming a doctor.

Featuring interviews with her parents, her husband Matthew, and Sport Relief veteran trainer Professor Greg Whyte OBE, who was with Davina ever step of the way, as well as visits from fellow stars Claudia Winkleman, Mel Giedroyc and Jo Brand, the one-off special shows the lengths Davina went to, to make a difference to people around in the UK and across the world.

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