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Longing for a second chance

This week on Long Lost Family Davina and Nicky help two ladies who are both looking to fill a hole in their lives.

Sara Price-Parker, 44, lives in South Wirral with her husband Mike and their twelve year old son, Joel. Given up for adoption at birth, Sara lost her adoptive mother to cancer when she was a teenager. Today she is searching for her birth mother, longing for a second chance to share her life with a mother.

Grandmother Pauline Wood, 77, was adopted as a baby, and grew up as an only child on the Isle of Wight. Feeling unwanted by her adoptive parents, Pauline developed a great sense of loneliness and yearned for a sibling that she might share her life with.

In 1965, aged 28, Pauline discovered that shortly after she was adopted her birth parents got married and later had a son together. Now, with plans to marry her partner Chris, Pauline is searching for the long lost brother she hopes will walk her down the aisle.

Will the Long Lost Family team manage to track down the ladies’ loved ones? 

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